There Were Always Dogs, Never Kidsofficial sitepress kit

As strange and stubborn as New York itself, Alan’s Alley is a video store that has managed to keep up with changing times by not changing much at all. With a collection of 40,000 titles and a devoted clientele that spans from movie stars to local prison inmates, this historic place is much more than just the last dinosaur standing at the edge of the tar pit.

There Were Always Dogs, Never Kids is a 23 minute profile of Alan’s Alley and its charismatic owner, human movie database Alan Sklar. Along the way, we cover the history of the business, the threat of new media and his staggering collection of movies, many of which rare or never-released-to-DVD. All under the scrutiny of the store’s sovereign mascot, DJ the cat.

The film was completed over the course of several months in late 2011 and early 2012. I shared directing, editing, and production duties with Alessandro Magania, an actor, writer, and artist also based in New York City. Watch the full film in the player below, and definitely check out Alan’s Alley in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

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